A personal God

Our God is a personal God. So personal that He fully understands you better than you do. Never think that God isn't aware of your issues. Never think He isn't aware of your desires. As you pray, trust that He has heard you. As you pray for another person, bear the burden as it's yours, mention it as you would if it were yours.

Wert thou a painter!

Among all sins few are worse than those by which a man draws down shame and reproach upon himself, for, besides all the sorrow he brings upon her in so many other ways, he thus crushes in his wife’s heart the fair and noble image of manhood which she had enshrined there next to her Saviour’s.

A Living Missionary

Words and actions have a telling power and the long hereafter will show the effect of our life here.

Being single

As we pray, let us pray that our eyes be trained upon Christ. That our eyes Be Single. That our lives, our ministration, our works shall be filled with light. Yes, even that heavenly light. That when people see us, they shall testify of Him who put the foundations of earth in place. Him who considered it not robbery to be made equally with man. Him who died the death of shame that we might live the life of glory.